Sunday, September 5, 2010

Origin of Originality:

Having had a web site for almost 15 years I have seen many of our images (and my work) lifted. But none quite as boldly as this guy:

Scott Listfield

I think I have seen his images in the past, but recently I came acrossed his web site. He has quite a few "spacesuit" artworks and many of them are Global Effects' Mercury suit replica.

Now Photoshop and similar programs are cool tools, but dropping a few “photoshop” filters over a photo and pasting them together, does this constitute art? I guess it does in some circles, but I find it funny how many of the Mercury suit images depicted here are Global Effects’ Mercury suit, taken right from our web page with no credit given or permissions asked. Too bad he didn't notice or have the skill to remove the elements of the visor in the raised position before he added the visor reflection over the opening.

                     Scott’s artwork                                                        

Global’s web photo

Composite I did of his "painting"
and our web photo                                                         Another of Scott's "paintings"

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