Thursday, September 2, 2010

Inspiration: The Pennsic house

One of the artist that inspired this house is a fellow by the name of Owain Phyfe.

Last year, Casa Bardicci invited me to their “family night” this is an evening get together at Pennsic where the household has a family dinner and during the evening various musicians show up and perform. We the evening started out with this young couple who happened to wander by the front of the Casa and take notice and ask “what this place was?” One of the people of the house explained it was an artist household and invited them in. As it was, these to young lovers were musicians. In trade for song, dinner was offered and they accepted. Meanwhile, I was sitting in a chair by the lake watching the bats try to catch their evening meal. After a while I became aware of this beautiful music coming from the great hall. In my 21st century brain, I attributed this to someone’s ipod. Coming to my senses and remembering where I was I realized this was someone performing in the hall. It was the most beautiful and fitting music I had ever heard at Pennsic.

After dinner these 3 musicians appeared and smiles all around, shaking hands and exchanging heartfelt greetings. After a minute or two they pulled out their instruments and started to perform. Well words cannot describe the sound of Owain’s voice. It was youthful, yet mature and it transported you to another time and place almost instantly. Sort of a medieval James Taylor, but more. I was hypnotized. I don’t know how long the three of them performed, but it seemed to be over before “I was full”.

I had to have this guys CD’s. Well for the next year, these were just about all I listened to in my truck to and from work. Every time I felt like giving up on the house, I was always reinspired by Owain’s songs.

Owains (Sitting on the left) music can be found here.

The other musician who performed that night Michael Gartner (On the right), is the artistic director of the group Wolgemut.

Their music can be found here.
Wolgemut plays music that I can only describe as medieval rock & roll.

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