Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Hey let's build an Apollo Lunar Module!

I had planned to post some more items right after Halloween, but the real world stepped in and derailed that. The month of December was Apollo LM month. We just completed a medium detail Lunar Module interior that comes apart into 12 pieces for filming. Hours of pouring over photos, drawings and blueprints and a crew of 12 people working 60-80 hr. weeks made it come together in about 5 weeks. A total of 3600 hours where put in to complete it. After it is used for this first project we get it back and can add more details, but for now it look really great.

The rear section with the acsent engine cover, life suprt system and hatch to the Command Module.

The outside of the front section in early stages of construcction. Cardboard mockups of the control panels help make sure everything is the correct size and will fit.


All of the switches work and the DSKY readouts work.

We also made an Apollo MESA (Tool kit stored in the base of the LM.)

  Thanks to a great crew.