Saturday, August 20, 2011

Pennsic 2011- House 2.0

I’m sure many bloggers start off with frequent post intending on keeping the pace up, only to find enthusiasm waning. I have meant to post bits on other artists and techniques, but alas I too have fallen victim. So, now that the improvements to my Pennsic house are complete, I’ll endeavor to post more often. To start off:

The conclusion of Pennsic house 2.0

After a long drive from LA to Pennsylvania (41 hours). We arrived and started set up on Monday morning. Tuesday night I was sleeping in my bed. Being only the second time for a full set up on location, I was pleased with the set up time, but I’m still sure it can be done in one day. This year due to a land dispute, the house had to be set up perpendicular to the lake; as a result, I had a lovely view of plastic tents! Hopefully next year this can be rectified and the house can be set up in its designed location facing the lake.

I’d like to thank the folks that came by to help with set up and strike, it was a big help. I hope for next Pennsic to have 3 full time people to help with set up and strike. (If you plan to be at Pennsic 41, keep this in mind, there could be pay involved!)

The crew setting the foundation:

Here we are assembling the second floor 2x10 perimeter boards.

Here I am setting the second floor beams in place.

The house has a new color scheme, which I like much better than the terra cotta color from last year and there are tapered columns and a proper balcony railing.

Inside there are a couple of pieces of furniture I built and a proper niche with a hanging cistern: forming an early type of sink for washing. It was very handy.

Due to the new house location, we swapped a wall panel, resulting in a window in the stairway.

Upstairs I added proper draperies to the bed and a wardrobe.

My new view :(

Hopefully my view next year.

Another small project for this year was to build new arcades for the front portion of Casa Bardicci.

We struck the house, packed it in its trailer and left it at Coopers Lake till next year, hopefully any damp items will survive undamaged till next Pennsic.


  1. Chris-- Maybe Kat and I can carpool with you to Pennsic 41 and help with set-up in exchange for the ride? We travel light, and I <3 space travel, LOL. Besides, I wanna hear more about the cooling system for municipal fire fighters! --Sarah.

  2. I can't stop drooling, it's one of the best reenactment proyects i've ever seen :O


  3. When I can make it to Pennsic I come with an 8'x10' tent platform, which is a lot of work to set up and take down. Your setup appears to be at least twenty times as much effort and expense. How many people were involved in designing and constructing this awesome structure? (And I'm using the word "awesome" in its old meaning.)

  4. This year we had great help. My thanks to those who helped with set up and strike. With 3 to 4 people the house takes 2 days to set up. I'm sure with a experienced crew 1 day is possible.

  5. Hi, Tim here from Germany! ^^
    I only want to say, i am jealous! XD

    Great work, you do have my respekt!

  6. Baroness Anne here, from Marinus. Do you plan to be at Pennsic XLII?

  7. This is wonderful. I can imagine a 1/12 scale size version of this. :D

    1. Thanks. If I were not so burned out from building it full size, that would be a fun project.